One Small Victory at a Time

This week, I have been on a morning walk three times. The first day was rather short because my stomach started hurting part way through (not muscle pain, more like stomach churning-I need to get home pain). The second day, I walked for double what I did the first time and it felt amazing. The third day (today) was my best so far.

Shortly into my walk, I felt some pain in my shin and then more pain in my hip. I thought about giving up and cutting my distance short. But I told myself that the pain would most likely subside soon, so I kept on pushing. I walked the same route I did on day two because it was straight forward and easy to navigate. My pace was decent but definitely felt slower than day two. I started crossing at a cross walk going towards a long stretch of side walk and I decided to RUN. I ran. I really did it. It didn’t feel awkward, my body didn’t feel like it would crumble, and it made me feel a burning sensation that wasn’t super overwhelming. 

So while today’s run was only 11 minutes according to my Fitbit, it was more than I’ve done in a long time. My legs feel sore right now but I am so motivated to do more now! For those of you that know me, you’d know that I hate running, especially outside. I’ve always felt overly aware of people watching me which made me feel uncomfortable. But today I didn’t care and it was wonderful! 

Now it’s time to get some new running shoes! 

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