31 Creative Ways to Love & Encourage: Day 1

I recently came across an ad on Facebook for the books titles “31 Creative Ways to Love & Encourage Him/Her” by Jeff and Alyssa Bethke. With Cale’s and my most recent promise to grow in faith together, I figured this would be a good challenge for us (plus it gets us both reading which is a bonus).

The first challenge was to pray for each other. I feel like this is something most couples neglect to do. You may pray for your relationship to grow, you may pray for a baby, you may pray that you will both be blessed but do you ever just pray for you significant other? I honestly suck at praying – I suck at faith in general. So this challenge was a great way to ease back into praying.

Can I just say that I loved asking God to bless Cale? I loved asking Him to help him find his passion, his spark, his place in life, his motivation to keep pushing when it gets tough, his balance that he longs for, and so much more. It made me feel like I was truly doing more than just asking for things for myself. I didn’t feel selfish, I felt like I was helping. And it felt so good to know that Cale was praying for me too – he even left me a note for exactly what he prayed for.

I know this is day one but I can already tell this journey will be absolutely amazing.

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