Spring Semester Recap

Well – I did it! My spring semester for 2017 is DONE. I have to say it wasn’t awful but it definitely wasn’t the greatest. I had been super pumped to take online classes because it worked with my schedule and I didn’t have to drive to campus to learn but man did I miss having human contact! I always saw myself as extra introverted but I can see now that the human interaction is huge – especially for school. So going forward – I’d like to enroll in more campus classes but still have an online class or two!

My grades ended up being better than I expected. I ended with three Bs and one C when I thought it might end up the other way around. I had a rough patch with my mental health. And I know what you’re thinking – “How did you not get As when the information was right in front of you?” Trust me, I thought it too. But I got to a low point and my ability to recall information was nonexistent it seemed like. To be honest, I didn’t even feel like myself. I was going through the motions but not even doing them well. I was forgetting to submit assignments even if I wrote the date down. I’m sure you’re thinking that my mental health was not to blame but I promise you, it most definitely was. Depression, especially mine it seems like, fogs everything up. And I’m sure increasing my sugar intake due to stress wasn’t helpful either. But I kept pushing through and managed to wrangle it all together to end the way I did.

So now I move on to my summer classes that begin June 5th. I already have my textbooks and I am ready to rock. I’m only taking two classes this summer so it shouldn’t be strenuous. I’ll also be trying to get a handle on my depression so I can feel more successful and be more successful!


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