Shop Small: Suds & Company

First of all, how cute are these soap tops?? And second, they are even cuter because they are all natural! There are zero harmful ingredients which is something that I LOVE! 

These soaps come from Suds & Company, a small business that I love to support. They make soap, bath bombs, and bath salts! She also features some packages from time to time! Her processing time/shipping speed is super quick which is great for me because I’m super impatient (lol)! 

As you know, I’m a big supporter for all things natural as I have entered into the oily world. I’ve been using the Lavender soap (the purple one, duh) on my arms where I have my keratosis pilaris and have noticed a huge change in my bumps! In fact, many of them are no longer red and I can see the bumps decreasing! 

If you are wanting to check out their site, go here and use the code “alex” at checkout for  10% off! Seriously – go check it out and thank me later! 

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