18 Month Update

18 months already? I know I say this all of the time, but time is truly flying by. These past 6 months have had so much change within them but we have also seen so much growth just in the last month! 

Bennett has developed playing independently and tends to do so with cars and Little People. He likes to make the Little People slide and swing in the jungle and also make them dance and sing. And for his cars, he likes to put all of them on the side table in our living room and make them drive around on the table. Sometimes, he will even make car noises! 

 Bennett has also figured out so many new words and there are only a small handful that are not distinguishable. Our doctor said babies at 18 months should know 12-20 words and Bennett is pretty close to 50! Those 50 words include names of family members as well. And in addition to saying this many words, Bennett has also learned to recognize different body parts (his favorite to point to is his elbow)! 

It is so fun to watch this kid grow and learn. I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months will bring! Now it’s time to tackle the alphabet and colors! 

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